Weighing up the costs of waste removal
June 7, 2017

Our top 7 rubbish tips

Turn your trash can’t into trash cans with these useful tips. Some of them can save your considerable money!

  1. If you’re arranging a free onsite quote with us, having your rubbish ready to collect when we get there can save you money. Let us know when you book an onsite quote, and if we can do the quote and work at the same time (saving us an additional trip to your premises), we’ll gladly offer you a discount on our standard fees.
  2. Keep your rubbish dry. Tips charge on weight. If your rubbish has been left out in the rain and become heavy then prices will rise accordingly.
  3. Separate your rubbish into categories, i.e. heavy material such as brick, tiles and soil; and light material such as general household rubbish and green waste.
  4. Enable easy access. Remember, hiring a rubbish removal service may cost less if your rubbish is stacked out the front of your house rather than in an area that is difficult to get to.
  5. Is your rubbish manageable? In other words, will your rubbish fit in the back of a truck? If it doesn’t, our rubbish removal team will have to go to considerable lengths to make sure that it does. If you can manage this ahead of time, this will save you time and money when we come to quote on the job.
  6. Minimize the volume of your rubbish. Items like old cabinets or chests of drawers can take up a lot of space, ultimately costing you money. If you have the time, consider compressing your items by breaking them up and stacking them. Even though our team of rubbish removal specialists is committed to doing this for you, it is always rewarding if you know you have contributed significantly towards saving yourself money.
  7. Having difficulty moving those heavy or unwieldy items (furniture, white goods, etc)? Then don’t! If any of the work of lifting, moving, or breaking up your rubbish is too difficult for you, let us do it for you. Simply ensure that we have a clear path from the item to the most accessible door, and we’ll remove the item for you.

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