Take your rubbish Sydney

Weighing up the costs of waste removal

We understand that you want to de-clutter, clean up the back yard, or simply get rid of some old unused items. Well what’s it going to cost, and what are my options?

Let’s face it. Clearing out unwanted items involves quite a bit of preparation, organizing and figuring out the most convenient and cheapest means of disposal. With Sydney’s very high tip charges you are up for a considerable cost.

What are my options and the costs that go along with them?


Collecting together all the rubbish

Remember, Take your Rubbish Sydney team do all the work for you. You just let us know what needs to be disposed of and we’ll take care of it saving you time and effort.

Finding the right tip at an affordable price

At present some tips are charging in excess of $370/tonne of general household grade rubbish!

Separation of specific rubbish

Not all rubbish is accepted by the tip under “general household rubbish”. Watch out for those additional charges that tips can and will hit you with. Some of these include

  • Mattresses (Currently up to $60 per Mattress!!)
  • Old tyres
  • Paint tins

Transportation of rubbish to the tip

This is what is going to take you a lot of time and effort, and a trip to the tip can be quite daunting, with semi–trailers, heavy earth moving machinery, noise and operation controls being the norm. And with tips being so busy especially in Sydney, most tips want you in and out as quickly as possible! The end result, absolute mahem!

Skip Bin Hire

Many people think that a skip bin is their best and cheapest option. This is not always the case.

Permit required

Councils are putting controls in place by limiting placement. If you are planning on having the skip hire company place the bin on the council nature strip then you will quickly be made aware of the guidelines. You will need to contact council, pick up an application form, fill it out and wait for approval. This all involves time and effort.

Self loading

This is the main reason why Take Your Rubbish Sydney makes the problem of rubbish disposal so simple. We do all the work for you! We aso ensure your rubbish is compacted down so as to maximise your volume, saving your $$$!

With a skip bin you are limited by the volume of the bin. So if your skip bin is full and you still have more rubbish then you either have to get another bin (taking more time) or you are back at square one again figuring out what to do.

Loading rubbish yourself can be tiring and backbreaking work. With two strong men on site, the take your rubbish team offer you stress free solution and peace of mind.

Heavy lifting Take Your Rubbish Sydney doing all the hard work